Bamber Happy Beads are individually handmade with 100% Authentic Baltic Amber. Visit the shop →


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We produce the best handmade products for you.

We produce the best handmade products for you.

Bamber Happy Beads are made with 100% Authentic Baltic Amber. Individually handmade, by a Lithuanian Amber craftsman.

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Baltic Amber
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Authentic, Genuine and Natural Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces, Anklets and Bracelets

  • Bamber Happy Beads are 100% Authentic, Genuine and Natural Baltic Amber, designed especially for babies, which is also worn by older children and adults.
  • The use of Baltic Amber has been well documented for centuries.
  • Genuine Baltic Amber is over 45 Million Years Old and only found in certain areas in the Baltic Region.
  • Authentic Baltic Amber naturally contains “Succinic Acid”.
  • Amber is not a stone, it is a fossilized resin which warms to the touch and is comfortable and light to wear.
  • Bamber Happy Beads are worn against the skin, and may be worn by babies and toddlers of all ages. They are NOT to be Chewed!
  • They are available in Teething Necklaces, Bracelets and Anklets.
  • Bamber Teething Beads are available in a variety of beautiful colours to suit your child in configurations your child will feel comfortable with.

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We can see why they are called Happy Beads.

M. Lustig, Western Australia
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