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We can see why they are called Happy Beads.

M. Lustig, Western Australia
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How Bamber Happy Beads Was Born

Bamber Happy Beads was born in 2009 when my first son Jayden was about four months old.

I called my best friend Caroline. (Who was living in Byron Bay at the time) She asked me if I had ever heard of Amber teething Necklaces. Like most people then, I hadn’t. I wasn’t exactly sure what they were, and had some concerns about the safety aspect. Caroline found a necklace at a market and promptly sent it down as a gift. I decided to put it on Jayden, and absolutely loved it. Unfortunately the Amber was in chip form & left red marks on his skin. It was also a little too long, so it didn’t take long for him to start putting it in his mouth and trying to chew it. I knew that the amber was not meant to be chewed and was worried that after getting a few more teeth, it would only be a matter of time before he bit a piece off!!

After falling in love with the amber necklace, and not finding any readily available anywhere, I began a global search to find the perfect one. After finding out that Amber is not all the same, I made it my quest to find the highest quality amber available. That is what lead me to  Lithuania, in the Baltic region, home to some of the finest Amber in the world.

When the necklace arrived, it was Perfect! The beads were smooth are rounded, and the length was just right. It was much more suitable and safer for Jayden to wear, and he seemed much more comfortable in it.  The necklace was such a good fit that he didn’t even seem to notice it was there. The results almost seemed too good to be true! From that day onward, my husband and I called them his “happy beads” and he has been wearing them every day since.

Living in Sydney’s lower North Shore, I guess it was unusual for baby boys to be wearing “necklaces” and yet he was receiving compliments daily on just how gorgeous it looked. Mother’s especially were wanting to test them out for themselves. It wasn’t long before I found myself ordering necklaces for friends and random strangers, all of whom experienced the same, or very similar satisfaction. Elated that I wasn’t the only one who loved them, I felt like these gorgeous beads should be readily available to the general public.With so many parents already raving about their babies beads, it seemed as if I was constantly receiving orders and before I knew it “Bamber Happy Beads” was born.

Bamber now works closely with an Amber manufacturer directly in Palanga, Palangos, Lithuania, where each one of Bamber’s Happy beads is individually handmade by a gifted Lithuanian amber master.These amber masters know Baltic amber better than anyone – it’s been in their lives since they were born, part of their history, significant in their heritage, and a treasure they pass on generation after generation. They all have intimate, personal knowledge and experience with amber. As no one piece of Amber is identical, you can be assured that your little one’s “Happy Beads” are as unique as they are!

A lot has changed in four short years. Now in 2013,  Amber teething necklaces seem to be everywhere, from celebrity babies on magazine covers, to a baby on the Nurofen commercial wearing one! They almost seem mainstream…….Almost!

Jayden, now 4, has all his teeth and still wears his Happy Beads every day! We also have our second little man Joshua, who turned 1 in June 2013. He too has been adorned in his Happy Beads since the age of 8 weeks- before he even had any teeth, and Teething for him has been almost a non event.

He is however a big chewer, grabber and sucker! Joshua always needs something in his mouth, and while teething, needs to constantly satisfy his natural urge to chew. After loosing countless teething toys, and never having one when I needed it, led me to design our Bamber Chewing Gums Range of Jewellery.

Made from 100% Food Grade Silicone, similar to teething  toys and dummies, Bamber have created a line of Jewellery for Mum’s to wear, which under adult supervision,bubs can happily & safely, chew, suck and pull on. All while mum gets to look Fabulous!

Even though it is a struggle at times, It is great to be a work at home mum where I get to spend precious time with my boys, and feel as if I am helping countless other mums and their bubs through teething time!

Finally, A big thank you to all of our very loyal customers over the last four years, your support is what keeps us going!

To Great Health and Happy Babies……………………….

Danielle Jones

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