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How does Baltic Amber Jewellery work?

Bamber teething necklaces and teething bracelets/anklets are designed to be worn against the skin, and can be worn by babies and toddlers of all ages. They may also be worn by children and adults.

Amber is not a stone, it is a fossilized resin, it feels light to the touch and is comfortable and easy to wear.

Bamber Happy Beads are made from 100% Authentic Baltic Amber. Designed to be worn against skin, they are NOT TO BE CHEWED as a Teether would.

(See our Chewing Gum range, for Natural Chewable teething Jewellery, designed for Mums to wear & Bubs to Chew)

It is important to use and chose only Authentic Baltic Amber. Authentic Baltic Amber is millions of years old, and naturally contains between 3-8% Succinic Acid.

Amber mined in other countries such as India, China, Australia and Africa is Copal and does not contain “Succinic Acid”.

The less polished the Amber, the higher the Succinic Acid level the Baltic Amber Naturally Contains.

We recommend taking the Necklace off whenever the baby is WITHOUT CLOSE SUPERVISION. This includes when a baby is sleeping or unattended. Please USE CAUTION when using Bamber products as they are only to be used under ADULT SUPERVISION.

The documented use of Baltic Amber has been around for centuries.

The ancient European tradition of babies and children wearing amber as a protective amulet is well documented. Amber is unique in the way it naturally catches and disperses light. It’s gentle golden glows can provide a soothing and relaxed environment. Perfect for nurturing a baby. Many believe that Amber’s glowing hues can ward off malevolence and help to bestow a sense of calm.

Traditional Amber Magic invokes softness  and serenity of the soul and infuses one with a sense of tranquility.

Getting your baby used to a teething necklace at an early age is a great idea.The earlier they begin to wear them, the easier it becomes a natural part of them, and most won’t even notice they are wearing them.

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