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My sister just called me to say how  impressed she is with the necklace I purchased
for my niece Sophie. She said they look delightful, and Sophie is very comfortable wearing them. I have already passed on your details to her, as a mum in her mother’s group wants one too…

Sara Roberts - Sydney

We bought some happy beads for our third daughter Taylor when she was only six months old. She is now almost one,and I can’t stop telling all my friends. Thanks bamber!

D. Gooding, Brisbane

Micah has been wearing his necklace now for four months.
When he goes to sleep, I wrap the necklace around his ankle and tuck it into clothes.
I’ve just ordered a set of Royal beads so he has a set  just for special occasions! Thanks Bamber!

Kinda Wilson - Petersham, NSW

When the parcel arrived on Monday, I put the bracelet and the necklace on my baby right away. She loves Them!

Edith - Gold Coast, Queensland

Happy Baby = Happy Home! Thanks Bamber!

Cathy - Melbourne, Victoria

Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!
We can see why they are called Happy Beads.

M. Lustig - Western Australia

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